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All American Cowgirl Chicks Charity Work &  Programs

501 c 3 Non Profit since 2004

AACC a non-profit organization has been established since 2004 and is operated with Trish Lynn & Donnie , family, team members, and volunteers working with communities to help rescue/save horses to provide a safe haven for all to avoid an alternative to auction or slaughter and give these animals a second chance. The Cowgirl Chicks are known for their passion and hard work for donating to many charities helping others with coping with Cancer and providing Equine Therapy for our Veterans and their families in need of Horse Therapy.

The Cowgirl Chicks Ranch strives to provide shelter, rehabilitation, care, and finding a loving home for all equine in need as well as providing Education, horsemanship lessons and clinics and promote responsible care for all of our Equine Riders.

By working together and through the gift of our horses, we can continue to improve and change lives.

AACC is operated as an experiential learning center for the benefits of veterans, many riders, and the second chance horses that live there. The Cowgirl Chicks has donated their horses and provided therapy sessions for veterans and their families for the past 20 years to help cope with the many struggles of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In our program, participants learn about horses, caring and maintaining the herd, as well as building trust with the horses. We see the suicide rate continuing to rise and our commitment is to give these veterans excellent leadership to help these men and women ground themselves, get stronger, help each other, and learn about communication and self- regulation.

Located In Weatherford, Texas the Cowgirl Chicks Ranch is a place where veterans, horses and the land each contribute to the health and well being of others. It provides access to a rural way of life that embraces holistic health, sustainable agriculture and community building programs aimed at restoring the physical vitality, emotional and spiritual health of all involved.

AACC provides veterans and their families with an opportunity to learn from horses, build connections within the local community, contribute to service-oriented projects and generally enjoy a safe-haven for personal growth and fulfillment through our experiential learning programs.


Trish Lynn

The All American Cowgirl Chicks






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Charities the AACC have supported:

Cancer Care Services
Chisolm Challenge
KB Horse Camp Childhood Cancer Rodeo
CC Rescue Horse Operation
Kick Start Kids w/ Chick Norris
Snow Ball Express
Make A Wish Foundation
Children's Cook Hospital
Ronald McDonald House
Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure
Children's Advocacy Center for Abused Children
Phillip's Wish Foundation for the Homeless
Jason Terry Foundation
Ty Washburn
Imus Ranch
SPCA of Texas
NFL Character Camp
Jason Kidd Foundation
Marcus Spears 96 Foundation
Ropin Dreams
Western Wishes
Wounded Warrior Project


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Our Mission
The All American Cowgirl Chicks ®  Mission Statement


  • Promote the sport of rodeo in the highest type of conduct and sportsmanship and expose its positive image to the general public.

  • Preserve Western Heritage in the highest regard in America

  • Offer a privilege of family bonding

  • Maintain the highest regard for the livestock

  • AACC teaches young women many valuable lessons such as the value of hard work, character development, responsibility, respect, and pride in their achievements.

  • The All American Cowgirl Chicks Rodeo Entertainment and Trick Riding Team is the end result of years of hard work at the Cowgirl Chick Training Ranch in Weatherford, Texas.

  • Promotes and supports our American Flag and honors our military service men and women.

  • Improving Lives through Horsemanship providing Equine Therapy for our Veterans with our second chance horses.

  • Promotes training at an Olympic level performance where outstanding performers have been produced.

  • Riding for a cure for cancer: Through our performances this team of outstanding performers have raised money and have helped given mental and physical strength to those battling the deadly disease called cancer. This team rides in loving memory or in honor to recognize the difficulties these individuals and their loved ones go through when battling this disease. When cancer hits home, it means there is a race to be run. But this race isn’t about winning. It’s about getting through the race together and it’s about helping your loves one to the finish line-whether that means a complete cure, ongoing treatments, remission, even death. When the race is over, the lessons you have learned about the care, patience, flexibility, and about hanging in there during tough times-these lessons will be as precious as gold. In fact, they will be your gold medals for having run the good race.


     Main Goal and Achievement: To dedicate our time and efforts through our training and performances that they can beat this disease. Giving hope to others and providing positive leadership and guidance to those in need to better their life. Donating our horses, team, and support those in need. Outstanding qualities are gained through this program. Going through these experiences will stay with you for life and help you in lots of situations.

The Cowgirl Chicks Ranch provides a safe-haven for equine learning and development that nurtures the well-being of veteran families through the love and bond of a horse. Horses for Heroes helping veterans deal with stresses of war and life.



Grateful for our Horses

Every  Rider has that   one special Horse....

that one Horse   who changes everything about them.

I watched these horses turn girls into Champions.

Give  a horse what it needs...

and it will give you the   Wolrd.


 Never Quit!

 Trish Lynn

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