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The Story Behind the Cowgirl Chicks

The Cowgirl Chicks have performed world wide and have learned from the best and credit their success to JW Stoker, their horses, and the many that believed in them. The Chicks have performed for top celebrities such as Robin Williams, Sammy Hagar, John Travolta, Emeril, Larry Ruvo and many others and had a movie "Cowgirls and Angels" written about their life on the road of Rodeo. They became TV stars on RFDTV,  The Cowboy Channel, CMT, Lifetime, etc. as the Cowgirl Chicks took their life and love of Rodeo behind the camera to inspire others to never quit in the life of challenges they faced everyday. The All American Cowgirl Chicks were honored to be nominated for PRCA Specialty Act of the Year for 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Their stunt work combined with their incredible horses and pyro techniques entertained many crowds all over the world. Trish lynn combined her love of Country Music and the incredible talents of the Cowgirl Chicks and horses and were flown to Stockholm, Sweden by Monty Roberts to entertain for the World Equestrian Games and the beautiful fans of Sweden.

We love the Fashion and True Grit of the Cowgirl inside us all. Shop our Rodeo World Collection inspired by our Western Heritage and the Wild West!​

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Legend JW Stoker

Behind the “Never Quit” Story of the Cowgirl Chicks.


Trish lynn and her 2 brothers were raised in a family of a loving example of hard work, determination, and a Never Quit attitude instilled by her parents Mike and Jan Bowman. Her father came from humble beginnings and for the love of his family created a Real Estate Empire. His NEVER QUIT attitude was used on all fields of life, always helping others, and attributed to providing a wonderful life for his wife and kids taking no shortcuts. Mike and Jan lived the example of Never Giving Up on their dreams or each other. Trish Lynn's parents, a invincible team,  helped Trish lay all the humble ground work of The Cowgirl Chicks and Rodeo World.  Her father always said to her, "WINNERS NEVER QUIT AND QUITTERS NEVER WIN". They are the true meaning of Grit, Faith, Love, and Family. We hope this story inspires you to continue to work hard and be passionate to pursue and persevere.

Perseverance builds Strength.

"I can. I will. End of Story"

Mike Bowman

Mike and Jan Bowman

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