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Fashion for the unique Cowgirl inside us all. Shop our collection inspired by our western heritage and the wild west.


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The Cowgirl Chicks have performed world wide and have learned from the best and credit their success to JW Stoker, their horses, and the many that believed in them. The Chicks have performed for top celebrities such as Robin Williams, Sammy Hagar, John Travolta, Emeril, Larry Ruvo as many others and had a movie "Cowgirls and Angels" written about their life on the road of Rodeo. They became TV stars on RFDTV, CMT, Lifetime, Food Network, etc. as the Cowgirl Chicks took their life and love of Rodeo behind the camera to inspire others to Never Quit in the life of challenges they faced everyday. The All American Cowgirl Chicks were honored to be nominated for PRCA Specialty Act of the Year for 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013,

Their stunt work combined with their incredible horses and pyro techniques entertained many crowds all over the world. Trish lynn combined her love of Country Music and the incredible talents of the Cowgirl Chicks and horses and were flown to Stockholm, Sweden by Monty Roberts to entertain for the World Equestrian Games and the beautiful fans of Sweden.

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The Cowgirl Chicks have been a Specialty Act in the rodeo industry for about 20 years. Involving a group of ladies dedicated to keep the western way of life at its best and alive. From performing openings carrying the colors of our beautiful country dedicated to our Military to death defying tricks on horseback, these cowgirls have courage to be unique and true to themselves in and out of the arena. If you're shopping with us you probably don't mind standing out from the crowd, a little dirt on your boots, and maybe even a little wind in your hair. We hope to see you love wearing these vintage cowgirl treasures down the rodeo trail.

Stay Cowgirl Strong and Long Live Cowgirls! God Bless America and see you down the road!

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All American Cowgirl Chicks

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